Bhileag (Newsletter) 12th May 2024


Mon 13th May………. 10.00am EOLIGARRY 

 (Feast of Our Lady of Fatima)

Tue 14th May……..No Mass

Wed 15th May….. No Mass 

Thu 16th May…….No Mass

Fri 17th May……….No Mass

Sat 18th May……… No Mass



18th & 19th May 2024   (Pentecost)

Vigil Mass (Saturday)….. 6.00pm CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses…..9.30am   NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY




Communications Sunday: today the church prays for all those involved in media, journalism, TV, radio, online; to use their gifts and talents to spread the Gospel message. There will be a special Collection uplifted next Sunday to support Communications Sunday.


May Devotions: There will be Rosary and Benediction in St. Barr’s, Northbay at 4.00pm today.


Lourdes Pilgrimage: Canon John Paul and some of the parishioners are heading away to Lourdes on a Pilgrimage this week. The Pilgrimage is from Wednesday 15th May to Sunday 19th May. If anyone has a particular prayer request- they can write it down and pass it onto Canon John Paul (or any of the pilgrims) and he will remember your prayers and intentions at each of the Masses in Lourdes. Also when the group prays the Rosary or prays the Stations of the Cross or takes part in the torchlight procession- your prayer requests will be remembered in Lourdes.


Fr Colin MacInnes: next weekend we have Fr. Colin coming over to the island to celebrate the Weekend Masses for Pentecost. We look forward to welcoming back Fr Colin to the island. Fr Colin lives in the Chapel house in Bornish on South Uist. Even though he is retired he still keeps himself busy and we are very grateful that he will be celebrating the Masses next Sunday.


Canon John Paul will be away from the parish from Tuesday 14th May till Thursday 23rd May. While he is away there will be no weekday Masses. Fr Colin will look after the Sunday Masses for 18th/19th May.


Canon Michael Hutson: when Canon John Paul is away Canon Michael Hutson is on standby to help especially if there happens to be a funeral. The Benbecula parish phone number is 01870 602221


First Holy Communions: the First Holy Communions on the island will take place on Sunday 2nd June which is the Feast of Corpus Christi and we look forward to 12 Children making their first holy communion in Northbay Church or Castlebay Church. We pray for Kalle Currie,  Cairistiona Campbell, Katie MacLeod, Charlotte MacNeil,EilidhMacLennan, Amelia Monk, Ellis MacDonald, Monica MacLeod, Archie Mac Neil, Colum MacLeod, Kian MacNeil-Smyth & Owen Galbraith.


Canon John Paul silver anniversary of Priesthood: this year Canon John Paul celebrates his Silver Anniversary (25 Years) of his Priesthood in June. He was ordained a Priest on 24th June 1999 in his home parish of St. Peters in Daliburgh. Canon John Paul will mark the special occasion of his anniversary with an outdoor Mass at Northbay Grotto on Sunday 23rd June at 2.30pm and afterwards food and refreshments in the Church grounds.

A meeting to discuss and plan the day will be held today (12th May) at 2pm and also next Sunday (19th May) at 2pm in Northbay Hall. If you would like to help in some way then come along to the meetings.


Led by the Spirit Consultation: the gathering of the reports submitted from across the Diocese for Phase 2 of “Led by the Spirit” is now available online at Phase 2’s consultation was focused on the resources we presently have as a diocese. This will help us discern how to best live out our mission which will be in Phase 3 and this will begin in June.


Fr. Emmanuel: Many of us remember Fr Emmanuel assisting Canon John Paul in our parishes back in July 2018-July2019. Recently he was the Parish Priest of Kingussie. Over the last few months Fr Emmanuel has been discerning whether he wishes to carry on with his vocation as a Priest. Sadly he has made the decision that he will now leave the Diocese and the Priesthood. It’s a sad and difficult decision he makes but he says he is happy with his decision and we respect that and we wish him every blessing of health, peace joy and happiness.