Bhileag (Newsletter) 28th January 2024


Mon 29th January……No Mass

Tue 30th January……10.00am EOLIGARRY

Wed 31st January…..12 Noon CRAIGSTON

Thu 1st February……10.00am NORTHBAY

Fri 2nd February……..No Mass

Sat 3rd February…….10.00am  CASTLEBAY



3rd & 4th February  2024

5th  Sunday of Year B

Vigil (Saturday)…4.00pm  CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses…9.30am  NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY


Sacrament of Confession: every Saturday9.30am-9.50am in Castlebay and 12 Noon-12.30pm in Northbay




White Flower Appeal: thank you for your kind donations last weekend in support of SPUC and their White Flower Appeal. Northbay parish collection was £256.10 and Castlebay Parish Collection was £352.15. So that’s £608.25 which will go to support SPUC. Moran Taing!


Canon John Paul away: Canon John Paul will be away on Holiday from Thursday 1st February till Tuesday 13th February. He will be back for Ash Wednesday. While Canon John Paul is away Bishop Brian will cover the weekend Masses of 3rd/4th February and Fr Bernard Fox will cover the weekend of 10th/11th February. Canon John Paul is very grateful to Bishop Brian & Fr Bernard for looking after the weekend Masses for the next two weekends.


Bishop Brian McGee:  Next weekend we will have Bishop Brian covering the weekend Masses while Canon John Paul is away. We look forward to welcoming Bishop Brian to the island. He will arrive by boat on Friday 2nd February and will stay till Tuesday 6th February.


Fr. Bernard Fox: we will have Fr Bernard coming to the island on Thursday 8th February and will stay till Tuesday 13th February. Fr. Bernard is a Mill Hill Missionary Priest based in Cardonald in Glasgow. He will cover the weekend Masses for 10th/11th February.


Candlemas Candles:  During the morning Mass next Saturday (3rd Feb)  Bishop Brian will bless candles and we are invited to take a candle home with us to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.


Blessing of St. Blaise: Saturday 3rd February is the Feast of St. Blaise. During the Saturday morning Mass Bishop Brian will also give the blessing of St. Blaise for those who wish to receive it during the Mass.


Parish Dues: normally we hand them in before Christmas but they can be handed in just now during the month of January.


Parish 200 Club: it’s normally about now we hand in our annual subscription to the parish 200 club. It’s £12. The money can be put into an envelope and put into the Sunday Collection basket or it can be left in the Post office or Buth Bhuidsear or to pass it on to Mary Sarah. If anyone would still like to join the parish 200 club then please to speak to Canon John Paul or with Mary Sarah (810539).


Sunday Collection basket & Offertory Procession: Canon John Paul is keen to get back to the routine of taking up the Sunday Collection during the Mass again and also for the collection to be taken to the Altar during the Offertory procession. We will start in Lent.


Lourdes Pilgrimage: we would like confirm all those who would like to go to Lourdes in May this year.  If you would still like to go then please let Canon John Paul know so that we have organise a final list of names. It will be 15th-19th May.


Healing for victims of abuse: Grief to Grace is a specialised 5-day programme of spiritual and psychological healing for anyone who has suffered from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, including those abused by a religious/member of the clergy. If you are interested in this confidential healing retreat please contact Grieg to Grace (Scotland) at The retreat will be held in St. Mary’s Kinnoull in Perth from15th-20th April.


The Season of Lent: It feels like only yesterday we celebrated Christmas but Lent is just around the corner this year-Ash Wednesday is on Wednesday 14th February. The SCIAF envelopes have arrived which contain the “Wee Boxes”. They will be handed out soon.