Bhileag (Newsletter) 8th October 2023


Mon 9th October……..No Mass

Tue 10th October…….No Mass

Wed 11th October…….No Mass

Thur 12th October…..No Mass

Fri 13th October…….. No Mass

Sat 14th October……..10.00am CASTLEBAY



14th & 15th OCTOBER 2023

28th Sunday of Year A

Vigil Mass……..6.00pm  CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses….9.30am NORTHBAY & 11.30am   CASTLEBAY




Bishop Brian McGee: our prayers are with Bishop Brian as he is on Rome attending the Synod of Synodality. Bishop Brian well represent the Catholic Church in Scotland at the synod which lasts most of the month of October.


Canon John Paul: will return at the end of the week. He is at the Schoenstatt retreat centre in Lennoxtown helping to lead a course for future seminarians and when he has finished the course he will take a few days retreat himself. If you need to contact Canon John Paul you can contact him on his mobile number- 07951128475.


Fr. Joseph Mathew: we warmly welcome Fr. Joseph Mathew to the parish and to the island. He will celebrate the weekend Masses while Canon John Paul is away. Fr. Joseph is a Jesuit Priest based in Glasgow. He is originally from Kerala and he is looking forward to coming to the island for the first time. Sadly he is only here till Monday. Hopefully the weather will be kind to him.


Future wedding: we keep in our prayers Heather Campbell & Craig Wilson who are preparing for their wedding day which is Thursday 19th October in Our Lady of the Waves & St. John on Vatersay. We keep Heather & Craig in our prayers and pray that they will be blessed with a lovely day.


The Month of October: is of course the month of the rosary. It is a wonderful time to pick up our Rosary beads and to pray the holy Rosary. As St. Padre Pio said “abandon yourself into the arms of your heavenly Mother and she will take care of you”. Since there is no weekday then use the opportunity to pray the rosary.


Craigston Vigil Mass Time for Winter???: there is a large number of parishioners who are happy to move the Vigil Mass to the earlier time of 4pm just for the winter months when it gets dark so early. Canon John Paul will look at when this will begin.


Castlebay Church Clock: Recently we had the clock expert from “Smiths of Derby” get the Church clock going again but the engineer did point out there was a lot of “wear and tear” on the main front clock dial which can only be fixed by actually taking the hands off the clock dial. That can only happen when there is scaffolding erected. Sadly now the main clock face is not working properly because of the wear and tear. However the clock face dial which faces East (the Glen side) is working and also the bell is also working. So the clock is actually working and chiming away on the hour, every hour. So if you are looking up at the clock for the right time- look to the “Glen side” clock face or listen out for how many times the bell chimes. Next year when the better weather returns we will look at the possibility of putting up scaffolding and see if we can get the main clock face dial fixed.