Bhileag (Newsletter) 20th August 2023


Mon 21st August………..No Mass

Tue 22nd August………10.00am EOLIGARRY

Wed 23rd August……..12 Noon CRAIGSTON

Thu 24th August……….10.00am NORTHBAY

Fri 25th August…………10.00am VATERSAY

Sat 26th August……….. 10.00am CASTLEBAY



26th & 27th August  2023

21st Sunday of Year A

Vigil (Saturday)……6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses….9.30am NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY


Sacrament of Confession: is every Saturday 9.30am – 9.50am in Castlebay Church and 12 Noon-12.30pm in Northbay Church




Mission Appeal of Holy Ghost Fathers: Fr. Ricky wishes to thank everyone for making him feel so welcome to the parishes last weekend. He thoroughly enjoyed his long weekend visiting our Churches and seeing the beauty of the island. He will certainly be back! The 2nd Collections taken up last weekend for the Holy Ghost Father Appeal were £370.00 in Northbay and £649.49 in Castlebay. Therefore over a £1000 was sent from our parishes which is very kind. Many thanks for your kindness and generosity.


Sick & Retired Priests Collection: this weekend there will be a Diocesan special collection uplifted from all parishes throughout the Diocese to help support our sick & Retired Priests of the Diocese. It is an important collection for our Diocese as we support our Priests who are retired and those who are sick. Please be as generous as you can towards this collection.


Visiting Clergy: August has been a busy month of visiting Priests to the island-which is always a wonderful blessing. This week we have Fr. Josh Moir from the Archdiocese of St. Andrews & Edinburgh coming to stay for a week. He will stay over on Vatersay and he will use the Vatersay Chapel house as a retreat before he takes up his new position as assistant priest in St. Patrick’s Church in Kilsyth. We hope he enjoys his time on the island and that the weather will be kind to him.


Eoligarry Church 60th Anniversary: Eoligarry Church opened in 1963 and therefore this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul in Eoligarry opening. The Church was opened in 1963 by Bishop Stephen McGill and the parish Priest at the time was Fr. Archie MacMaster. The Feast day of St. Vincent de Paul is 27th September. Therefore Canon John Paul plans to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving on Wednesday 27th September in Eoligarry, probably in the evening. More details will be announced!


Pictures of Eoligarry Church: Canon John Paul is interested in any pictures that parishioners might have of St. Vincent’s in Eoligarry. Do you have any pictures of the church being built back in 1963 or any pictures of celebrations which have taken place in the church like Baptisms, First Holy Communion, weddings etc?? Canon John Paul would like to see any pictures and possibly put them into an order of service for the anniversary Mass on the 27th September.


Led by the Spirit Phase 2 – Consultation on our Diocesan Resources: This coming Thursday (24th August) Led by the Spirit’s Second Consultation Phase will begin. The focus will be our Diocesan resources. Reading, reflecting and discussing the information provided will help us better understand Argyll and the Isles today and its likely projection for the foreseeable future. The information will appear on or through the diocesan website  Please visit the site and learn more about our Parishes and Diocese. It is important to remember that in phase two we should not seek solutions. Rather the purpose of phase two is to assimilate information about our Diocese and its Parishes, to acknowledge both the many resources we have but also those which are depleted or even lacking.


Northbay Church Tea after Mass: on the first Sunday of each month you are welcome after Sunday Mass to Tea/Coffee and baking in the Chapel Hall. The next one will be Sunday 3rd September.