Bhileag (Newsletter) 16th July 2023


Mon 17th July………No Mass

Tue 18th July……….No Mass

Wed 19th July…….. No Mass

Thur 20th July…….No Mass

Fri 21st July………. 10.00am VATERSAY

Sat 22nd July………10.00am CASTLEBAY



22nd & 23rd  JULY 2023

16th Sunday of Year A

Vigil (Saturday)..6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses..9.30am NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY



Mgr James MacNeil: we warmly welcome Mgr James and he will look after the Sunday Masses this weekend.


Fisherman’s Mass & Blessing of boats: last Sunday (9th July) we had the lovely celebration of the Fisherman’s Mass. We were blessed with a beautiful day of weather. It certainly helps to have sunshine for the Mass. Canon John Paul wishes to thank everyone who helped volunteer on the day and helped set up for the Mass. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make the day safe and successful. Thank you for your kind donations which were uplifted during the Mass for Stella Maris and RNLI. Moran Taing!


Peter’s Pence Collection: next Sunday we will take up a 2nd collection for Peters Pence which is a special charity of Pope Francis in which he helps many other charities in need of help & charity.


Wedding: we keep in our prayers Mairi Claire Campbell & James Davidson who will marry in Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in Castlebay on Friday 28th July. We hope and pray it will be a wonderful day of weather for them.


Canon John Paul: will be back on Thursday 20th July.


Emergencies: Canon John Paul will be back on Thursday but if there is any emergencies (like funerals) then to contact Fr. Michael Hutson at St. Mary’s Church on Benbecula Tel: 01870  602221


Lourdes Parish Pilgrimage 2024:  we are looking at the 3rd weekend of May 2024 (possibly 15th May-19th May 2024?) for the Lourdes Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage will be for 4/5 days. The hotel will be the 4 star Jeanne D’Arc. Flying from Edinburgh to Toulouse and then a bus drive to Lourdes-about 2hrs 30mins drive. Flights will not become available until at least September/October this year-that is the reason for the delay in confirmation. However the best thing to do is to plan for the 3rd weekend of May 2024.


Led by the Spirit: Bishop Brian writes……..Thank you to everyone who participated during the consultation Phase 1. The responses from parishes have now been collated into a single document. It is interesting and uplifting to read the comments from all over the diocese from laity and clergy as we discern together God’s call for us today. It is a real expression of faith and hop. Please read the document prayerfully- alone or with others- noting which statements attract or challenge you and ask where the Sprit is moving. The document can be read at the website page- or on the diocese facebook page. Phase 2 will begin in August. If you can’t get access online for the Phase 1 consultation document then let Canon John Paul know and he will photocopy the document for you to read. Just let him know if you wish a photocopy.