Bhileag (Newsletter) 4th June 2023


Mon 5th June……….No Mass

Tue 6th June………. No Mass

Wed 7th June……..  No Mass

Thur 8th June……..10.00am  NORTHBAY

Fri 9th June………..10.00am VATERSAY

(Feast of St. Columba)

Sat 10th  June……..10.00am CASTLEBAY



10th  & 11th  JUNE  2023

Corpus Christi

Vigil (Saturday)……….6.00pm  CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses..9.30am NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY




Warm Welcome: to all visitors to the island and to our parishes. A special warm welcome to all who have travelled over to the island for the “Homecoming Commemorations” this week. We hope the good weather stays with us and that everyone will enjoy their time on the island.


“Homecoming”  Sunday Mass:  Today during the 11.30am Sunday Mass in Castlebay Church we will remember those who left these islands back in 1923 to begin a new life in Canada. 100 years ago during a packed Sunday Mass in Castlebay- 90 people after Mass got onto a boat and sailed on the SS Marloch to a new life in Canada. The Gaelic Mass begins 5 day commemorations on the island for the “Homecoming”. After the Sunday Mass the Fèis Pipe band will lead the congregation down to Castlebay Hall for refreshments. Everyone is welcome.


Craigston Church work: this week the 3 new Church windows will be put into Craigston Church. Therefore there will be No Mass in Craigston this week.


First Holy Communion Sunday: will be next Sunday 11th June- the Feast of Corpus Christi. Let us keep in our prayers the 11 children who will receive their First Holy Communion- Anna Nicholson, Katie MacLeod, Sandy MacLeod, Anthony MacNeil, Caragh MacKinnon, James Taylor, Calum MacKinnon, Roselia MacDougall & Millie McCathie will receive their First Holy Communion in Our Lady Star of the Sea at 11.30am. Calum MacLean & Megan MacKinnon will receive their First Holy Communion in St. Barr’s at 9.30am. We pray that the day will be a special day for the children and their families.


Lourdes Parish Pilgrimage 2024: after the recent meeting it was decided to look at May 2024 for the Lourdes Pilgrimage. Canon John Paul will check with the Pilgrimage Tour company which weekend of May 2024 is best with the Hotel & flights. The pilgrimage will be for 4/5 days. T|he hotel will be 4 star and will be half-board. Flying from Edinburgh to Toulouse and then a bus drive to Lourdes- about 2hrs 30mins drive. We have about 20 names at the moment going. If anyone still wishes to put their name forward then please speak with Canon John Paul.


The Universe Catholic Paper: has decided to try once again to have a weekly paper copy. If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the Universe Paper Canon John Paul is happy to start a subscription from the parish but only if there is enough interest.


Castlebay Church Clock: the clock in Castlebay Church sadly stopped a good six months ago. Canon John Paul has been in touch with the professional Clock firm called “Smiths of Derby” and they will send one of their engineers to try and get the Castlebay Church Clock going again. Canon John Paul wishes to thank all those who handed in donations. Moran Taing!


Tea in Northbay Hall: on the first Sunday of each month there will be tea in Northbay Hall after the 9.30am Northbay Mass. All welcome!