Bhileag (Newsletter) 7th May 2023


Mon 8th May…..10.00am VATERSAY

Tue 9th May…..10.00am EOLIGARRY & VATERSAY

Wed 10th May…10.00am VATERSAY &


Thur 11th May….10.00am NORTHBAY & VATERSAY

Fri 12th May……10.00am VATERSAY

Sat 13th May….10.00am CASTLEBAY & VATERSAY



13th & 14th May  2023

6th Sunday of Easter

Vigil (Saturday)…..6.00pm   CRAIGSTON

Sunday Masses..9.30am NORTHBAY & 11.30am  CASTLEBAY



Warm welcome to Fr Daniel Chowning: in the Vatersay Chapel House  we have a Carmelite priest called Fr Daniel Chowning staying there for 10 days(till 18th May). Fr Daniel is having a Spiritual retreat in the chapel House. Fr Daniel is from America and soon he will take up a new role as Provincial of the Carmelites in east side of America. Canon John Paul first met Fr Daniel when he was Seminary in Salamanca 1998/1999. Fr Daniel was living in Salamanca and studying Spanish as well as following in the footsteps of the two great Carmelite saints- St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. Fr Daniel is very familiar with Scotland but it will be his first time on the islands. We hope he enjoys his time on Vatersay. Fr Daniel will celebrate a daily Mass in Vatersay church at 10am-all welcome to attend!


May Devotions: there will be Rosary & Benediction in Our Lady Star of the Sea in Castlebay today (Sunday)  at 4.00pm.


Northbay Grotto safety work: please note that we are making safe a section of the Grotto in Northbay. Some rocks have become loose and we have to attend to this. There is safety tape blocking of the area. Therefore no access beyond the safety tape until we make the area safe.


Fr. Philip Bua: Bishop Brian has appointed Fr Philip as the new parish Priest of Lochgilphead which also looks after the parish of Taynuilt. Fr Philip takes up his new role on Tuesday 16th May. We send our prayers of best wishes to Fr Philip in his first parish as Parish Priest.


First Holy Communion Sunday: will be Sunday 11th June. Let us keep in your prayers the 11 children preparing for their First Communion.


Tour of Statue of St. Michael the Archangel: The Statue of St. Michael the Archangel has arrived on the island and it is now in Our Lady Star of the Sea for the next week. It will hopefully be transferred to St. Barr’s next weekend. Whenever you are passing the church pop in and say a prayer before the statue and pray for the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel. There is a website you can visit which with details of the statue and the reason for the tour–


Castlebay Church visit of Architect & Stone Mason: recently we had an architect, a stone mason and a lime mortar expert all investigating the various problems with the walls and tower of Castlebay Church. They will all write up their reports of what they have found and hopefully bring it all to the attention of Historic Environment Scotland and hopefully a “plan of action” will start in how we move forward.


Eoligarry Church Cross: At the moment everyone seems to be in favour of replacing the Celtic Cross above the altar with the new Cross of the Risen Lord. Therefore during this Easter season will be the perfect time to put up the cross with the Risen Christ figure and we will place the Celtic Cross either in the Church porch or above the back wall in the Church.


New Gift Aid Envelopes: the new envelopes are available to collect in the church. If anyone would like to sign up for gift aid please speak with Canon John Paul. If you pay tax then you can give your Sunday collection as gift Aid. Just a quick signature and you can take an envelope home with you or you may wish to set up a standing order through your bank account with the parish.


Lourdes Parish Pilgrimage 2024: we are looking at dates for next year of 2024. We are waiting for possible dates and prices. If it is something you might be interested in then let Canon John Paul know.


Tea in Northbay Hall: on the first Sunday of each month there will be tea in Northbay Hall after the 9.30am Northbay Mass. Therefore today (7th May) All welcome!